Adopting the dog, Senyor Bruc joins the masia

Back when I still posting photos on this website I had an entire section dedicated to dogs. Naturally, I like dogs. I also like cats but the difference is cats typically view you as a source of food and litter box cleaning whereas dogs are your buddy. There are obviously exceptions but living in apartments … Continue reading "Adopting the dog, Senyor Bruc joins the masia"... >>

Rigo: A study in dachshund-ocity

“It had been a wonderful day at the beach.” my mother in-law told me. “Carles and I were enjoying the sun, the waves, and some general quiet time. Of course, when we got home, we found that Rigo hadn’t approved our our going to the beach and leaving him.” So it is with #1 Fan‘s … Continue reading "Rigo: A study in dachshund-ocity"... >>

A dachshund saved is a dachshund gained

To show just how bad it’s getting for bear food supplies, apparently some black bear up in Alaska decided that this old dachshund to the right was lunch. In true Alaskan, wilderness woman style, his owner ran out punched the bear in the nose while her boyfriend then drove the bear away. In case you … Continue reading "A dachshund saved is a dachshund gained"... >>

Dachshund perfection lies–on the sidewalk

Who ever knew that the best sausages came in two-packs? I didn’t until a friend of #1 Fan tipped us off to this pair of dachshunds that lounge around a knickknack shop on Pacific Avenue, specifically, 1368 Pacific Ave. There is a shop called, Hope’s Sports and Stationary Store which is little more than some … Continue reading "Dachshund perfection lies–on the sidewalk"... >>

SF Dachshund Owners are Odder than their Dogs

Seeing as how I can’t have a dog in my apartment and the family dachshund is old and back in Spain, I often have to get out to doggy events to enjoy all the fun of dog ownership without actually having to scoop up any crap. Last Fall, I hit up the Pug Sunday. I … Continue reading "SF Dachshund Owners are Odder than their Dogs"... >>