The Pravs of Prague

Naturally, when one starts heading in to the Slavic countries, the praving starts to rise. Again, I don’t know why the Slavs love to prav. Maybe it’s the communist period that brought it about, or maybe it’s just a hot-tempered people who find that the best fix to a problem always involves breaking something, which … Continue reading "The Pravs of Prague"... >>

Get the Czech Look

For the average non-Czech, you might be thinking, “Oh, but how can I look Czech for an outing?” The answer my friend is to head to your nearest REI and let them clothe you from head to toe. The Czechs love their outdoor clothing and they love potential utility as much if not more than … Continue reading "Get the Czech Look"... >>

Banksy is Good, but has Competition

For those not familiar with Banksy, first take a moment to check out his graffiti artist style he mainly plies around England. You’ll see that his work has depth, humor and a good deal of social commentary to it. The guy really is a smart guy and has a great deal of artistic gift. There … Continue reading "Banksy is Good, but has Competition"... >>

The Old Czech Man and the Vest

If there is one thing that is damned near a universal truth about the old men you see in the Czech Republic, it’s the fact that they love vests. Man do they love vests, but not just any vests. They have to be vests with a bazillion pockets on them to store god knows what; … Continue reading "The Old Czech Man and the Vest"... >>

Hittin’ the Nakládaný Hermelin

Nakládaný Hermelin is a type of cheese preparation that’s eaten in the Czech Republic. I won’t sit here and tell you that it’s a national dish, because it’s not. It’s something that’s eaten in bars most commonly. You order a beer and a round of cheese that’s been soaking in a jar of oil, peppers, … Continue reading "Hittin’ the Nakládaný Hermelin"... >>