Exchanging an American driver’s license for European

If you’re an American who resides in the EU, what you’re seeing with this current refugee issue you will see or have already seen on a personal level when it comes to driving legally. There simply is no cross-European policy on how to exchange your American driver’s license for one that will allow you to … Continue reading "Exchanging an American driver’s license for European"... >>

And now it’s time for the other tower

Any visitor to Zagreb will know the the main cathedral as it towers over all of the city. What most will know is that the eastern tower has been under renovation for years. I have a photo of scaffolding back in 2004 and I suspect that it was happening long before then. With my most … Continue reading "And now it’s time for the other tower"... >>

I came for the wine and stayed for the meat

When in southeastern Europe, I hit the meat and hit it hard. Of course that’s a bit of a misnomer as I generally go apeshit about the meat in all of southern Europe where the pig is a saintly animal, worshiped nearly daily via ingestion. But it’s in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and pretty much everywhere … Continue reading "I came for the wine and stayed for the meat"... >>

The Balkans went and got all bikey

On recent trips to Zagreb and Ljubljana (admittedly nominally “Balkan”), it was thrilling and no end of encouraging to see that since my last visit several years ago, both cities have gotten massively more bike friendly. This is a trend happening in many large cities around the world (yes, even the US), but it’s helped … Continue reading "The Balkans went and got all bikey"... >>

Why Croatia voted for the EU

In case you hadn’t heard, last Sunday, Croatians voted to join the EU which isn’t actually going to happen until July 1, 2013, but still you need to get these referendums out of the way. As a citizen, I could have voted in this. As a citizen living not in Croatia, I missed the registration … Continue reading "Why Croatia voted for the EU"... >>