The inland DR Congo cable

It’s really unfortunate how language spheres work to separate information on the net. While it’s pretty well known that there are currently three deep sea internet cables being run up the east side of Africa, it seems that very few have heard about the new cable being deployed from the Atlantic Coast through DR Congo … Continue reading "The inland DR Congo cable"... >>

The Best Croissants Outside of France Part 1

To be honest, I have no idea if there will ever be anymore parts to this series, but I just wanted to leave the door open to it, since I have a lot of world yet to see. I mean, let’s face it, if you had a croissant in a Parisian cafe and then you … Continue reading "The Best Croissants Outside of France Part 1"... >>

Understandering Democratic Republic of the Congo

DR Congo is in the news a lot lately. Rebel General Laurent Nkunda has been firing up the warfare again in the eastern part of the country, a bit to the north of where I visited a few months ago. This history behind all of this is complex. I thinks it’s about as complex as … Continue reading "Understandering Democratic Republic of the Congo"... >>

Oh Goodie, a Westerner’s Conflict Photos

First off, any photographer, writer, musician, artist, or pizza delivery guy that goes by one name like Rankin does, is bound to be an ass and a bit out of touch with the “real” world. By “real” world, I mean the one in which people like you and I watch things called, “Real World” because … Continue reading "Oh Goodie, a Westerner’s Conflict Photos"... >>

A Review of the Bradt Congo Guidebook

Sometime back, when preparing for my maiden voyage to DR Congo, I wrote about the Bradt Congo guidebook. It has the distinction of being the only recently-printed guidebook on Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as the Republic of Congo. It’s also the only one in English that is current, being that Lonely Planet’s … Continue reading "A Review of the Bradt Congo Guidebook"... >>