A foreigner in a voting rebellion

Sadly, the self-determination of a people is not often decided via democracy. Sure, there are exceptions but for every Norway-Sweden, Serbia-Montenegro, or Czech Republic-Slovakia break up decided by vote, there’s a Former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Israel, and I don’t know how many other independence or state-forming movements that were the result of outright war, not a … Continue reading "A foreigner in a voting rebellion"... >>

Yes, location

In Falset, there was a sweets shop at Carrer de Baix 12 called, Pastisseria López. The building it called home had two main features: a solid column, encrusted with some form of stone that matched the rest of the interior and then sitting at the main corner that is one of entrances to Plaça de … Continue reading "Yes, location"... >>

As the Priorat crumbles

Capping off a series of very busy months where I’ve little time to do much but try and keep up with writing, Editor in Chief sent me this article (in Catalan) which basically says that population of Priorat County, where I live, has decreased 6% over the last five years. As I explain on the … Continue reading "As the Priorat crumbles"... >>

Out of the farmhouse and in to the village

Since last fall, I’ve called the village of Porrera in Priorat, Catalonia, home. This came after living in a Catalan farmhouse or masia for nearly two years. One would think that moving to a village in a region that has maybe 1/4 the population it had 100 years ago would be an easy thing to … Continue reading "Out of the farmhouse and in to the village"... >>

The peasant solution to air conditioning

As the temperature has been about 33C for several weeks with spikes up to 40+, it’s quite easy to say, it’s hot. You could even say, it’s damned hot. This is the main topic of conversation these days for those who aren’t able to take the now common double-dip vacations in July & August. I … Continue reading "The peasant solution to air conditioning"... >>