As the Priorat crumbles

Capping off a series of very busy months where I’ve little time to do much but try and keep up with writing, Editor in Chief sent me this article (in Catalan) which basically says that population of Priorat County, where I live, has decreased 6% over the last five years. As I explain on the... read more >

Out of the farmhouse and in to the village

Since last fall, I’ve called the village of Porrera in Priorat, Catalonia, home. This came after living in a Catalan farmhouse or masia for nearly two years. One would think that moving to a village in a region that has maybe 1/4 the population it had 100 years ago would be an easy thing to... read more >

The peasant solution to air conditioning

As the temperature has been about 33C for several weeks with spikes up to 40+, it’s quite easy to say, it’s hot. You could even say, it’s damned hot. This is the main topic of conversation these days for those who aren’t able to take the now common double-dip vacations in July & August. I... read more >

The secret to understanding Spanish tollgates

As I spend a lot of my time near Girona when not guiding wine tours or off on other wine adventures, I’m often using the western ring road to pop in and out of town. This is due to driving through Girona being one of those things in life that can spontaneously give you scabies.... read more >

Catalan vs. Catalonian

There was an article I recently read about how the .cat domain name came about. The summary for those not familiar is that this is an official language domain extension for the Catalan language. There are several of these domains but when it was created, it was unheard of and had the currently rancid government... read more >