El Born or el Borne neighborhood in Barcelona?

For those who haven’t yet become aware of the fact, Barcelona–and for that matter Catalonia as a whole–is officially a fully bilingual region no matter what right wing Spanish media says to the contrary. This seems to be a rather gigantic shock to those who come from abroad to live here because when finding that … Continue reading "El Born or el Borne neighborhood in Barcelona?"... >>

The 160€ solution to Barcelona’s tourism problem

If you’ve been following the news lately and been wondering if you should avoid Barcelona as it has become a grossly touristic and unsustainable destination, let me tell you most emphatically yes, you should avoid it. I live in Catalonia and I generally avoid going in to Barcelona, especially in July and August as it’s … Continue reading "The 160€ solution to Barcelona’s tourism problem"... >>

Barcelona creates reasonable Airbnb rules that no one will follow

As I wrote a few months back, I’m not a fan of Airbnb who have apparently taken on massively comical proportions with their new “Belong Anywhere” campaign and #mankind hashtag. WTF? It reminds me a great deal of the fictional internet company, Hooli in “Silicon Valley” and their CEO’s “It takes change to make change”. … Continue reading "Barcelona creates reasonable Airbnb rules that no one will follow"... >>

And San Francisco may be right behind you

Well, that should actually be phrased New York is right behind San Francisco which may be right behind you. I say this because most likely due to its size and cultural gravity, most trends in the US–and possibly many parts of the world–start in New York City. Somewhere around 3-5 years later (the internet has … Continue reading "And San Francisco may be right behind you"... >>

Barcelona croissants revisited

One of my more vainglorious pursuits is that of finding good croissants outside of France. Living in Spain, this is not easy as Spanish croissants generally suck. A sordid mixing of pork fat and lesser flours, the result in most bakeries isn’t palatable and thus I’m always with an eye to the random forn de … Continue reading "Barcelona croissants revisited"... >>