Workin’ for the Man

Part of my Bold Moments series of articles. Easily my most satisfying article of the lot as so little was untouched. That and it was a fun process even if the final client was a bit “soft” in the hands. Growing up in rural Northern California, you would probably best describe me as a “hickie”: … Continue reading "Workin’ for the Man"... >>

I’m Huge at the Gallery Heist Party

Oh, but when in the US, all ceilings need to be at least 2.4 meters to be legal. No, no they don’t as seen in this upstairs part of the Gallery Heist party from last weekend. While reminiscent of Floor 7 1/2 in Being John Malkovich, it quickly wore thin and I had to make … Continue reading "I’m Huge at the Gallery Heist Party"... >>

The gallery opening

I’m sure that centuries ago, a “gallery opening” was something much more akin to an artist unveiling some expensive work for their wealthy patron and his friends. Somehow there has been a devolution of this process to the point where the gallery opening is all about having a bunch of trendy people pop in, munch … Continue reading "The gallery opening"... >>

A visit to the Quai Branly

Probably one of the fortunate aspects in being interested in African affairs is the fact that unfortunately, most people are not interested in African affairs. So it’s often the case that you can visit exhibits and museums that have a focus on African without having to worry about crowds. Such was the case with the … Continue reading "A visit to the Quai Branly"... >>

The Sign Painters of DR Congo

The large, glossy-format printers that we have in the US don’t exist in DR Congo. This makes it very difficult to create large advertisements. Despite this, you see big bulletins for products everywhere. The secret to these are the signs painters; groups of very talented artists who eek out a living painting signs around the … Continue reading "The Sign Painters of DR Congo"... >>