Catalan village fairs > Californian village fairs

Salitja isn’t much as far as villages go. Sure, there’s a nice couple of old buildings, a church, donkeys, and what not (especially the what not), but really, it’s sorta in the middle of nowhere, a bit west of the Girona airport. But, when they decide to have a cured meats fair, you’d think you were trying to get in to the Metropolitan Museum the same time a tour bus rolls up. Everyone from villages and even large towns nearby all show up to pick up tasty vittles, or at least to sample, since Catalans love freebies. Hell, even the Minister of Security for Catalonia showed up, but that was more annoying than anything else as it incurred a large police presence.

But that’s the thing, I remember people trying to have small fairs like this, not in a village, not in my hometown of Oroville (population 35,000), but in San Francisco and there would be no one. People in California (and I assume the US at large) have no interest in these types of things. I don’t know why as there are tasty, tasty meats, olives, brunyols, churros, wines, and a whole lot more to be had. I guess in the US, going to a sports bar or mall on the weekend is a great deal more important. Naturally, if given the choice, I’ll take village meat conferences over Budweiser and the Niners any day.