Casting is Bizarre

I didn’t catch it when it came out, but I’ve finally just gotten around to watching The Deep End. Honestly, it’s a well-acted film, but it seems like they’ve left out huge chunks of the book that gave the characters their motivations for what they do. I didn’t get it and got rather bored with it overall, especially since I know Lake Tahoe, having been a Northern Californian native. So, not even the scenery really saved it for me.
Other than the over-stripped plot and development, there was another big mystery: why were two non-Americans playing what seemed to be American roles? First you’ve got Tilda Swinton. She’s a fine actress, but here, watching her try to force her mouth in to English pronunciations was painful at times. Why couldn’t she have just been English? It wouldn’t have changed anything at all really. Then you’ve got Goran Višnjić (see, I even used the correcct diacritical marks, aren’t I slick? No? Well, okay…) While it’s never really said exactly where his character is from, it seems that they went a great distance to have him downplay his Croatian accent. Once again, why couldn’t he just be a Croat? It wouldn’t have changed anything at all really.
Someday, they might start paying attention to these things when shooting or casting. I admit that I am generally perplexed by this and still point to my why no Russian, Russian Bond Girls bit. I suppose it’s the rest of the world getting back at America for how many lousy accents we’ve tried to pull off in films. Or, it could just be that the movie industry is full of people who hear a name, any name and they want that name. Who cares if it’s Tom Cruise as Superman? It’s Tom Cruise! It’s Superman! How could that ever be a bomb…