Castell de Sant Ferran, a Running Course


Naturally, it’s hard to get to the gym while traveling, so I do what I can to attempt to maintain the less than spectacular shape that I’m currently in. Without an elliptical ready and waiting, that means hitting some kind of running trail. I have to admit that I hate running in San Francisco because where I live, it’s just lights and hills. Staying on the edge of the town limit of Figueres though, there are more options, such as above.

This is a fortress up on a hill that is called, Castell de Sant Ferran. It is a weird place, because as you jog around it, you don’t see anything of the interior but the walls. If you attempt to peer in there through the gates, you can see that there are a great number of buildings inside the walls. The fortress could house 6,000 men with 500 horses and 9 million liters of water in its storage tanks. Not bad for a structure built in the mid 18th century.

For a long time after it stopped being a protective barricade against the French, it was a major prison and these days, it still is with a smaller inmate population. With the brief glance I saw, it doesn’t appear to be the place that anyone would want to spend any time. From inside, you can’t see any of the incredible view that surrounds the fortress being that it’s up on a hill where you can see all the way out to the Mediterranean. Because of this view though, it’s quite popular with walkers and runners. No, I didn’t suddenly come up with the idea that the trail around the moat would be a great running spot. People in Figueres have been using it ever since the military released some control of the place. It’s a good distance of 5km (bit over two miles in metric-so-scary-land) and it’s relatively flat which makes for a lot easier running.

Anyways, just something I had to share with everyone who finds themselves in Figueres and needs a running spot; all two of you.