Carnival of Ringtones

I’ve been at the San Francisco office today for my company and there is a sound in the air you don’t hear at the Walnut Creek office. This isn’t the sound of traffic, sirens, crazy people, cable cars, or any o the other standard sounds you hear in San Francisco. No, this is the massive variety of ringtones that peep from the cell phones.
I’m not sure why they’re always going off (people do have desk phones) but they do and you hear all of them. They range from your nice symphony, parlayed down in to a series of beeps to the fancier ones that sound like a whirling something or other. There are even a couple of standard ones here and there, but these have largely been supplanted by the polyphonic or MP3 variants that seem to be sweeping the US like they did elsewhere in the world a few years ago.
One woman who has left the company some time ago had Scooby Doo on her phone, but it was the old-style beep mode of ringing, which to be honest, got pretty grating the fourth or fifth time you heard it in a day. Once again, I don’t know why one would hear it so much, she was usually always there at her desk, next to a landline.
But this isn’t nearly as nasty as the Crazy Frog ringtone that was the rage in Britain for some time. A co-worker who is from the UK told me about it. I downloaded it, listened to it and cast it aside with vast putrescence. It’s horrible. No one should use such a thing, but I guess there you would be, on a bus and the damned thing would go off on everyone’s mobile. I cringe to think of what happens when this or the Axel Foley blended-techno-remix hits the shores of the US.
I do have a cellphone in the office, but it barely gets a signal. Something to do with lead paint or other carcinogenic compounds that make up the building I suppose. This is also one of the reasons that I’m surprised so many people get calls here as getting bars is about as likely as finding a parking space in front of the office. As for my ringtone? Mine is sampled from an MP3 and I doubt anyone in the world would recognize it, unless they’re as hip as the musically genius people I know who turned me on to Cornelius and his song ‘Disco’. I like it, it’s weird and frankly, I’m only here one day a week with a partial signal, so people may hear it all of once a day. My evil side is considering downloading Crazy Frog or a polyphonic version of Dancing Queen by Abba, putting a signal booster on my phone and really rocking the crap out of everyone’s sensibilities.