Čara – Marco Polo Pošip – 2005

This is a Croatian white that always seems to sell out fast here in the US and as I finally found out after getting my hands on a bottle it, there is a very good reason. It is delicious!
I’m trying to think of what to compare in to in varietals that people have had here, but I really can’t think of any. Well, maybe a little Sauvignon Blanc with some Pinot Grigio and a bit of Riesling. But that’s all really just a guess since it is very much its own grape. The immediate flavors are light, slightly sweet, and slightly dry. The nose is wonderful, so make sure you drink it in a glass that will capture this. There are hints of honey and it’s very floral without being overpowering at all.
The best part about this is that I didn’t taste any oak in it and I hate oak in a white which is the reason I tend to despise most Chardonnays. It’s also incredibly smooth. While it doesn’t have the buttery texture like the Bibich Debit, it has this great round quality to it that I can really only say is like a very good Pinot Noir, although it tastes nothing like that red. But, once you complete a taste of it, you’re greeted by a quick aftertaste of mint that I found to be nothing short of pretty fantastic.
But, enough already, if you want to try it, read more.