Canon Warranty Service is Preferential

It was the case in my most recent trip that the two midrange camera lenses we were using both started to freak out. One, which was a Canon 28-135mm EF series lens started have some auto focus problems. The other, a Canon 24-70 L series lens had its zoom ring completely crumple. This is never a good thing to have happen as these are the lenses you use all the time, but what made this worse was having it happen in the middle of a four month trip.
Thankfully, the 28-135 started to act a little better once we got in to cooler climates, but the 24-70 was pretty much hosed. I had to manually pull the damned thing in and out to get the right focal length. It was either that or run around with the 70-200 on all the time, which is a lovely lens, but really intimidating to people, because like the 24-70, it has a 2.8 aperture which means a lot of glass.
Upon getting back home, I sent both of them off for warranty work. The 28-135 was about 8 months old and the 24-70, a mere 2 months old when this happened. The result was that the 24-70 came back in two days after they got it. The 28-135 took two weeks! And the repairs done to the two were very similar. It turns out that the 28-135 had a similar problem, except without the busted up zoom ring.
It’s at this point that I should mention that the 28-135 cost $400 and the 24-70 about $1,200. Hmm, curious that the more expensive lens got fixed faster. I mean, it’s great how fast they fixed that one, but if they’re dragging their feet on cheaper lens, that’s ridiculous.
Canon really doesn’t need to sell us on the fact that their more expensive lens are worth the money by slowing own repairs. You can feel and without any doubt, see the difference between the lower end and higher end lenses. I just think that they should either repair them all at the same time or offer crappier warranties on the cheaper lens to encourage people to buy the more costly ones.
Maybe I’m wrong and there was some reason that the cheaper lens took longer, but from where I’m sitting it looks mighty suspicious.
Canon Warranty Service is Preferential