Calling Kristof a journalist is like calling Kirstie Alley svelte

Nicholas Kristof is a twat and just to prove how bankrupt Pulitzer is, this twat has won two of their awards. The weirdest thing is that no matter how wrong, racist, or un-researched his articles (they’re really just op-ed), people eat them up with great ferocity.

There are plenty of people who call out this twattish (I believe that’s with two t’s) behavior, such as here and here, but it tends to fall on deaf ears. How deaf are those ears? So deaf that he put up this Facebook post where he stated that the reason there is little journalistic coverage from many parts of the world is “the difficulty of getting visas”, citing the Ivory Coast as somewhere that you can’t get a visa.

Many people replied with amazing comments such as, “Yes, I had never thought about that”, “Didn’t know. Thanks for the explanation!”, and “I am a white horse’s ass who shouldn’t deserve to use a disproportionate amount of this planet’s resources for my ignorant life”. Interspersed within these ramblings were the occasional people that said, “Um, yes, you can get visas” or “So what? You figure out ways to get in.” I would like to add in that it actually wasn’t until 2009 that visas were even needed to visit Ivory Coast and their land border enforcement is so lax that as one commentor pointed out, you can really just slip through the northern boundary with Mali and not show anything. The same is also true for the border with Burkina Faso which would allow journalists to report on what’s been happening there along the way, which for some reason, they haven’t.

Worst case scenario, you bribe a little because somehow, despite Kristof’s “amazing” explanation, the BBC journalists (who are not well-known for Francophone coverage at all) have been bopping up and down the country the entire time the war has escalated.

But, I think that Kristof might ultimately be on to something here, because if “I’m fucking lazy so I’m not doing it” is going to be used an excuse, then this opens up whole new avenues in running the “I don’t wanna work” gamut. For instance, now, when I don’t feel like working on a website, I’m going to say it’s “due to an unforeseen lack of lattes” or when it comes to flushing the toilet, I’ll simply tell my wife, “there was a lack of someone else to do it for me”. The 21st century has suddenly taken on a new glow.

Otherwise, to Kristof I say, grow some form of sexual genitalia (male or female is fine), get a fixer and do your damned job, or shut up and let someone who actually still has drive take up the reins.