Here and There

The Dirty Truth about Rural Broadband
Just to show that telecoms really are dirtbags no matter where you are in the world when it comes to providing service to those in the less profitable regions of a country.
La population rurale et le téléphone portable au Mali.
An article by Maneno author, Boukary on his blog Fasokan about general mobile use in the country. Read worth the cut and paste in to Google Translate (yes, it’s in French.)
M-commerce and its Impact on Africa
An article by Alex Twinomugisha about the rise of the mighty “m” in Africa. Mobile everything and how it is changing lives.
Technology and the developing world
The article is about development that actually takes place in Nicaragua, but is absolutely and completely applicable to African development efforts in that basically, you can’t dictate how people use what they are given and more often than not, people will chose what they feel is more important to them.
Remember the Right to Communicate?
An article about the (rightly) ongoing debate in one having a human right to communicate and thus be granted access to telephony in some variant.