Buying music to break

I recently saw Bowling for Columbine, which is a fantastic documentary about guns, violence, and overall consumption in the United States. It has any number of good points and ideas in it, but one of the interesting ones was how people blamed Marilyn Manson for the antisocial, destructive behavior of the boys who shot up Columbine High School. Of course, in an interview with him, he showed great poise and intelligence in talking about what happened. I’ve always liked him, just not his music.
But this is a roundabout way of getting into the fact that music always seems to get blamed for bad things. It’s an easy scapegoat these days, since rock and roll is about rebelling and whatnot, but what the meatheads who start blaming an artist for something don’t realize is that by doing what they do, they’re increasing the sales of that artist’s albums. Naturally, the funniest case of this when they destroy albums like the Dixie Chicks or in the way back with the Beatles. I assume that they must have had to purchase those albums they’re breaking right?
Anyways, it’s a lot of blindness guiding a lot of stupidity in the end and I guess the only positive outcome from these Bible Thumpers that protest rock groups is the fact that the guys sell more music and for those of us with slightly more than half a brain and up, we see the portestors as the truly idiotic fools they are.