Buying in Chinatown

A lot of people are put off by Chinatown. Some find the people there to be pushy and the smell to be less than desireable. But, people do need to realize that things are always relative. I’ve smelled some expensive colognes and perfumes that make me want to gag.
At any rate, Chinatown can be fun to shop in. You can find great deals and some crazy things. For instance, if you’re in the market for a flattened duck, you can get it there. If you want cheap Tofu, you can get that there as well.
Cineatown also has a lot of funny little shops that are tucked away and have everything imaginable in them. The prices are usually pretty good, but you do need to shop around occassionally since a lot of the shops have the same products and prices can vary wildly. On Stockton Street there are some cool places up by Columbus
I’ve heard people say you can haggle on the prices. While that might be true, not speaking Mandarin has made it difficult for me to acheive much more than the correct change.