Buy an iPod lose your computer

Another iPod horror story to toss on to the heap.
My brother insisted on getting an iPod for Christmas, so we all chipped in and got him one of the stupid things. He gets back home and goes to plug it in and of course it doesn’t work. It won’t work with the USB port or the FireWire port. Why you may ask? Got me. They’re both up to spec and should have worked. So, after going through all of this, the iPod decides to die. No restart or reformat will help it. It’s just dead.
So, we send in to Apple for a new one and after haggling with them for a long time, they finally send out a replacement iPod. At the same time, I get a USB 2.0 card for the machine just to make sure that there isn’t a problem with the ports. The new iPod starts, but it won’t link in to the system. Nothing we try gets it to come up. The machine is seeing the card just fine, but no tomatoes.
So, giving the machine a rest, we reboot it and then it gets stuck in an infinite loop of not coming off. It appears that there is some kind of short in the system now. In other words, not only does the iPod not work, but the system is now dead.
Way to go Apple. If you can’t get people to switch manually, then destroy their systems. You jackassed, marketing-based, faulty-engineered, crap makers.