Bush’s “Dream” and the RIAA Fudging

Two things in the media have really been bothering me lately and they’re Bush’s desire to spread Democracy throughout the world and the RIAA’s claims that file-sharing has dropped their album sales.
Let’s start off with Mr. Bush, since his “speeches” and propaganda as of late have really been irking me. Mainly it revolves around the fact that it seems to be his dream to spread the oh so great democratic system that we have in the US to the countries of the Middle East which are ruled by dictators.
Let’s for a moment, forget that he is a war criminal that committed an unprovoked attack against a sovereign nation. Let’s for a moment forget that the reconstruction of Iraq is going poorly and that under Bush’s command, he has lost more troops in bringing about the democratic epiphany in Iraq than he lost during the war, which was little more than an assault on a group of bedouins who had had their entire country mapped out for strategic targets before the invasion. Let’s for a monent focus on the democracy that Senor Bush wants to spread. The democracy in question is, I believe the same democracy that got him into office, correct? This would be the same democracy that, by a majority of 200,000 votes actually did not elect him president right? And it is of course the same democracy that, where it came down to a key vote count, it was in a state that was controlled by his brother?
What we have here is definitely a sad state of democracy. Spreading this to the rest of the world is the true attrocity in all of this. A system, such as our’s in another country, is still a bad system and it is not the system that is the end all be to answer the problems in Iraq.
Of course, there is the additional fact that all of this is a thinly-veiled resurgence of the Crusades as very much evidenced by Bush’s constant reference to God and how God protects us and God this and God that. Then there’s the oil issue, which is evidenced by the fact that before anything else got running in the country (water treatment, electricity, “democracy”) they made sure to get the refineries and pipelines up and running.
The RIAA (the association for the recording industry) has also been irritating me lately since they are blaming a 15% (some sources say 30%) lag in album sales on file-sharing and the media keeps buying it and relaying this ridiculous fudgery of the facts. Let’s face it, there are two reasons record sales are down. The first is that there are no standout artists which are propelling the industry currently. All of these mergers and such that have been melding the industry into a bland spectrum of music have finally come to a head and is not providing people with good music. There are no Nirvanas, no Guns and Roses, no Led Zeppelins, no Beatles today. Hell, there aren’t even any Eagles, Beegees, Enya, or Yanni now and it’ having a serious affect on how people are buying music, because there is a lack of trickle down purchases in that people who would have gone into a store to buy a Nirvana CD back in 1991 would have also bought another CD since they were there.
The other primary reason for lacking album sales is that the economy is in a slump for Christ’s sake!!!! When people have to make a judgement between buying food and buying the latest Britney Spears album, guess which one they’re going to choose. There has been a slump across the board in all consumable purchases and music has just been one of them.
Sure, file-sharing is playing a part in all of this and I’ll admit it, I download music via Kazaa Lite (http://www.kazaalite.tk) but I usually only download songs of albums I have owned in the past or albums that I want to try out. Case in point, I heard about the new Gotan Project CD, downloaded it, liked it and then went out and bought it.

Anyways, that’s the end of my latest media-based rant. These were jsut a few things that I felt needed to be said and out on the web.