Bring on the Hurds!

Bring on the Hurds!

I’m no trend setter. All attempts at trying to be on the cutting edge of fashion in my hometown resulted in further isolation from those who were “cool” and would of course be wearing what my parents had clothed me in (which was all the rage in SF and LA when I was wearing it) the next year. From this I learned that there is no point in trying to be too far out in front of the current popular culture wave. I also learned that you might as well just start up your own thing and not care what all others think. So, it’s only know that I realize I have an annoying ability to come up with new words. Some of them good, some just evil and thusly requiring bloggery.

In recent office adventures, I’ve unwittingly coined a number of terms that for some reason have stuck. In this one design iteration, the search area of a website looked a helluva lot like a hamburger, thus the term “search burger” was invented. In trying to slim it down a bit, we only ended up with a “search dog” that was then ultimately replaced because it really looked like crap. Whenever anyone wants to toss of an interstitial (those annoying things that take over a web page, I started calling it the, “shotgun in the meadow” or just “shotgun meadow” and for some reason this actually stuck. If that doesn’t make sense, think of yourself strolling through a nice meadow (a website) and then kablam! a shotgun goes off (the interstitial). Another one that’s caught on even with Those Who Have O In Their Title is the “eyebrow”, which is a reference to an extended title. I can’t take credit for this though as that’s a very old print term that apparently nobody in the net world knew about.

Then of course for those who read this site with any degree of alarming regularity, you’ll know of praving, fatcarts, and of course, kockalocks. To this list, I now add, “hurds”, which are basically “hudin words”. You can see a diagram below if you’re unclear.

Will these words change the world? Quite possibly and you can always say that you knew about them first if you’re hip enough to read the Hudin.

3 Replies to “Bring on the Hurds!”

  1. It’s a good thing your name isn’t Tudin. Just kidding, bud.

    1. My man,

      You MUST love Jason Castro of American Idol (top 8 contestant)currently on Fox.

    2. I didn’t have any idea who you were talking about since I don’t watch television, so I Googled him. American should do itself a favor and punch the crap out of that dreadlocked little pud if anyone sees him in the street. For some reason, I bet he’ll win… It’s okay though. American Idol winners just end up getting fat, coming out of the closet, or ended up on Celebrity Rehab.

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