Brilliance in Advertising

Well, maybe not so brilliant as I can remember the words on this billboard alongside the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, but I can’t remember the company that put it up. Whatever the case, it was genius in a pure form.
Basically, all it said was, “Somewhere, someone is playing bongo drums.” or something to that effect as I can’t remember the exact wording. But what’s awesome is that to me, this means that yes, someone is playing bongo drums (see yesterday’s post) and I hate them. I want to get as far away from them as possible and thus want to travel. To those who do like bongos and the degenerates that can’t bang out a rhythm to save their bearded, soap-avoiding skins, this is a welcome call to travel where these folks are.
Superb. You read it as you feel it should be, but have the same reaction–travel and thus the travel website makes money by walking the middle line. It’s like what politicians do, but smarter.