Briefly Back on the Bag. The Unfriendly Tea.

I was away from my new found, beloved loose leaf for teas for a bit. I had forgotten how rather unfortunate having tea by the bag actually was. Beyond the rather descriptive uses of “tea bag” (why nothing on coffee, huh?) there is the fact that bags are just foul. Even a good cup of tea is rather spoiled by the paper taste, or the plastic taste, or the limited steeping, or the lower quality of the leaves in the bag.
I’m a recent convert myself really. It wasn’t until after coming back from Europe last year and picking up some loose leaf tea at Heathrow that I really got sold on the whole loose experience. Fortnum & Mason was my gateway leaf and it was good. Once I got the hang of it, I realized how much better the leaves tasted. More fresh. More deep. More better. Tie in to that the fact that when you cut out the bag and use a steel infuser you’re drinking it up more “green”. Of course there is the factor that it’s cheaper too. A cup of decent bagged tea will cost at least 20 cents. A loose leaf cup and be had for as little as 7 cents a cup. The choice is obvious and I have never been so thankful to realize how much better all my leafs are once being on the bag for a few days.
Now I just have to go through and update all my super geeky tea reviews to focus more on the loose way of life.
Briefly Back on the Bag.  The Unfriendly Tea.