Boycott the cork!

I had an Australian wine a couple nights ago for dinner. It was a nice Shiraz that depsite the name “Scrubby Rise” was mighty tasty and a lovely wine. The only odd thing about it was that there was no cork, it was a screwcap. “Dear lord!” the wine purists say, “Where’s the cork?!!” You know what, you really don’t need the cork. This has been proven again and again in regards to storage and I believe that some say a capped bottle will store longer than a cork one.
It’s really silly how we all get caught up on tradition because the cork has been around for so long. I’ll admit that it’s satisfying pulling the cork out of the bottle and hearing the pop sound, along with being able to smell the cork for tasting purposes. But really, we should probably do away with the silly things. Cork is after all something of a limited resource and they’re making some corks that aren’t really real cork anymore because of this, so why go through the show? Just make it a screwcap.
I suppose that it all revolves around cheap wines being screwcapped in the past. After all, it’s hard for a wino to carry around a corkscrew with themselves everyone, so just make it a screwcap, right? Gallo sold a lot of Thunderbird for a lot of change by doing this and in doing so they also gave the screwcap a bad name. Somewhere down the road I’m sure we’ll get over it though, but things will move faster if we all join together to drinks wines that are only screwcapped. It would be amazing to see how fast the winemakers changed their way of doing things.