Bowling is Kinda Lame

BallsWhen out with a group for a friend of a friend’s 30th birthday at a Presidio Bowl, I came to a couple of startling revelations.
The first was that after about two full games of bowling, you’re pretty much done. Maybe this is where the initial beer buzz wears off, but really, it all just sorta puttered out right at the two game mark. Not sure why, but if you have friends that want to do more than that, you might want to check them in to a clinic because they might be itching to go professional with this non-sport.
Secondly, watch your hand usage when bowling. The shoes are funky and bad enough (I’m burning the socks I wore in them) but the funk from the fingerholes on the balls is super scary. There is no spraying of those things. So, if you’re muching on bowling alley pizza, do it with the left hand and bowl with the right, or vice versa if you’re a south paw.
Rock and Roll BowlerLastly, this is not a sport. They just crank up the heat in the alleys so that you sweat with the slightest movement and think that this is a sport because sweat means exercise, right? Wrong. Toss in the fact that there is also a cancelling effect with all the beer you’re drinking and you’ll be so out of your element, Donny.
All this time I thought bowling was pretty kick ass, but well, the title says it all now I suppose. I guess I’m not a Toys R Us kid anymore either because apparently I’ve grown up.