Boo Hoo Hoo

We Americans like excuses it seems. I’m guilty of it myself as the next person. If something doesn’t go right, we try and find a reason, some other thing that is the cause of why it doesn’t work. If we are ill, we always try and find a reason as to why it happened. Why?
Of course the irony in my asking this is that I’m only begging the question to a certain extent and furthering the issue of required causality that we seem to need. But still, I can’t think of what the historical background is as to why we try to find causes and/or excuses. People in other countries just have to deal with things the way they are. For instance, if you bruise your arm walking into a pipe that’s sticking out from a wall, you can’t sue the building owner. It’s just your tough luck.
Now, as I think about it, it seems that there is maybe one historical reason and one more modern reason as to why our society has evolved the way it has. The historical reason may be the fact that this was originally a colony and let’s face it, life sucked here. If the malaria and malnutrition didn’t get you, then wild animals, harsh weather, or unfriendly native peoples probably would. But, this was also the land of opportunity, so lest we blame the problems on plain old dumb luck, we blame them on the King of England and thus revolt against him, since obviously he must be the source of our problems. So, maybe that’s where the “pass the buck” ideology came from first, the formation of the country. The other reason could be because we’re such a litigous place. Everyone sues everyone, which probably only ends up screwing those of us who don’t sue, since we have to pay higher insurance rates and read warning labels on everything. But, in all of that, there is very much the need and drive to find out what the cause of something is, so that you can blame it.
So, is that it? Do, we just not want to accept responsibility and accept inevitability in life? Maybe it is. I don’t know for sure, since I need to stop writing because of my allergies…