Blah Blah Blah Boob

A lot of people regret not watching the Super Bowl last Sunday and some do. Namely the reason is of course the Janet Jackson Flash during her musical set. Perverts and conservatives both agreed that it was unexpected, but their reactions were quite different of course. Pervs willinging expressing their like of it and conservatives hiding it deep within them to let it surface as the reason to start another war or some such nonsense as that.
At any rate, I’m sometimes thankful as to the attention span of the US these days, since this really really isn’t a big deal and it will most likely fade from the news in a week or so, with slight resurfacing in a month and your occassional stand up comic routine. It’s amazing how prudish the land of the free is these days and it reminds me of the fact that when I was in France last year, as I was walking down the Champ Elysses (sp?) and saw a billboard in a window. There, right on the billboard was a gigantic breast, nipple and all. No one made a big deal out of it, except for those of us from other “hardliner” countries that weren’t used to such things.
While a line probably needs to be drawn somewhere, since we are, at a our core, still animals and will revert to simple pleasures if allowed to do so, I don’t think it needs to be drawn anywhere higher than the waistline. Breast are fine, both male and female. Butts are fine, both male and female. But, I probably wouldn’t really want to see genitalia, mainly due to the fact that in all honesty, that isn’t a very attractive part of either genders’ anatomy and there is very little reason to show it.
Naturally, womens’ breasts aren’t going to go mainstream anytime soon, since there are people who make a lot of money showing them off (Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, etc.) and a lot of people who make a lot of money opposing their release (Catholic Church, Church of the Latter Day Saints, Southern Baptists, Unitarians (just joking on the last one.))
So, I guess overall, this is going to remain just another blip in the US media that gets glossed over and repeated somewhere down the road. I think Jon Stewart summed it up best, when he said on The Daily Show after it happened, “The real tragedy in all of this is that people have forgotten that the Super Bowl Half Time show was always supposed to just be about the music sucking.”