Bitchin’ About Brunch

I don’t know if it was the French or the gays in San Francisco that properly introduced brunch, but for someone like me, who is a big fan of long, drawn-out eating, and having a good meal, brunch is something I’ve found I like.
It doesn’t have to be formal. You can do it at home. But what is really fun is going somewhere else, having something with alcohol in it with your meal to chase away the hangover from Saturday night and just chillin’ in general. The unfortunate thing is that there really aren’t any brunch spots that are any good for less than $50 a person in this city. At least, I haven’t found them and no, a cafe does not count since it’s a cafe and you can chill there any time you want to, not just on a late Sunday morning.
There is one cafe that is an exception to all of this and that’s because it’s really a restaurant despite its name. I’m talking about Cafe Bastille on Belden Place. While this has always been a fun little restaurant that people love, they also happen to serve a brunch of sorts on Sunday. It’s not a complete, full on brunch like you’d get at the Palace Hotel (no relation to the one in Zagreb, thank god) you still get a good choice. The best part is that it’s only going to run you $10-15 a person if you’re reasonable with your meal. Also, you get to be in Belden Place and if the weather is nice, as it has been, you get to be outside.
I offer it just as an option to all the other stuff out there and something I occassionally hit when I’m in the mood for a Sunday brunch. Of course, getting served up the whole shebang down at the grandparents’ casa is pretty nice as well.