Big Business Environmentalism

Just saw “The Day After Tomorrow”. It’s not a bad movie overall. Something along the lines of an action/disaster romp. It’s not Shakespeare, but hey, that’s not what I went to go see.
Anyways, the interesting thing about the film was how it and others like it have taken care for the environment and somehow turned it into a big-budget film, while at the same time, getting something of a message out. Whether or not the people who went to see it would listen to that message is yet to be determined, but at least its put out there.
I’ve been rather bemused how all of this has been working these days. I hark back to the days of a cartoon called “Captain Planet” which was, more almost any definition of the word, extremely lame. It was pretty much the same thing up until the mid nineties, when disaster movies started coming out in droves. Of course those followed in the vein of shit happens most of the time, or if they blamed anything, it was due to some weapon gone awry, or overtaken as you saw in, “Golden Eye” and “The Core”.
It seems that with a film like “Tomorrow” that there are people out there who realize that the war against the ecosystem of the planet is to blame on all of us and not the work of one evil genius, hell-bent of global domination. The film doesn’t offer any real solutions, but that’s fine, since I think that’s where most informative films go wrong, since people don’t like to be told what to do and with how fast technology progresses, any solution they offer will more than likely be out of date before the film gets to be released.
I guess what’s finally settled in is the fact that we’ve started seeing all things start to go wrong that crazy-haired scientists have been telling us about for so many years. And now that people can quantify it to some extent, they are able to identify with it. Once you get that relation established, it’s very easy sensationalize it and thus make money off of it.
The media has seemed to be priming us for this for years. Oh, you powerful silly media! What won’t you think of next?