Bienvenidos a España. Olé, olé, olé. Joder tío…

The misconceptions of Spain by those who visit are too numerous to list. At the top are some of my favorites, such as, “They’re such a musical people!”, “They have a real zest for life!”, “It’s just a constant party in Spain!” Obviously to assume one thing or another about a group of people, no matter how easy it may seem, paints you the color ass in the end; a color I have known to take from time to time.
Spain is a lovely, wonderful country and I have enjoyed every minute I’ve been in it, both last year and this, as well as what are to be many more in the future. While the generalizations of Spain can get out of control at times, the ones regarding the fact that Spaniards love jamón are very much true. I love jamón and anyone who visits the country, unless a staunch non-meat eating fundamentalist will love jamón too. And it’s also true that Spaniards do enjoy life on what may seem like a greater level than those living in Northern countries. They also enjoy the sun more simply because they actually know what it looks like, unlike when one lives in London.
But for visitors, when you ride the train from the Barcelona airport to the center, you may find that things are even better than your guidebook would have allowed you to imagine. If for instance a group of 10 sixteen year-old girls get on and start singing and clapping “flamenco style” without any prompting, suddenly all those stereotypes seem a bit more real and a grin springs forth from your jet lagged face as you get ready to hit the Ramblas, sangría, and those damned sombreros.
Once again though, things aren’t what they seem and truth is in the eye of what the tourist wants to believe as true. The clip I posted below was from when #1 Fan and I left the Barcelona airport two days ago. A group of drunk, trashy, suburban girls got on the airport train to go in to the center. No, this was not the Spanish zest for life you hear in their song. These were a group of Catalonia transplants being about as classy as a strip club as they went out for a Saturday night on the town, bottle of Fanta mixed with vodka in hand, jabbering away in Spanish, not Catalan (again, how is the Spanish language in danger of extinction in Catalonia?) Have a listen and enjoy. And be on the listen for ¿porque no te callas? somewhere in the middle as they quote the “genius” of the king sometime back. The kids are still loving that one.

2 Replies to “Bienvenidos a España. Olé, olé, olé. Joder tío…”

  1. So were the ‘flamenco style’ girls featured in the audio, or was it a completely different group?

    Anyway, glad to hear you’re living it up in Spain. Off to buy me a fufu shirt…

    1. Oh yes, those were the basuritas that were “singing”. I wish I had taken a photo as well, since they looked like a mix of trailer trash and Pussycat Dolls, which might not actually be different looks now that I think about it.

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