Beware of Sony’s Online Store

I like Sony products well enough and own a Clie, PDX10, and some other smaller items, so I thought I’d buy a TV as well from their online store – and it seemed that all went well with my order until I actually got the package. I opened up the box and there was a wonderful surprise for me, in that there was a nice long crack in the case of it. The TV still worked, but the crack was annoying and so, thinking, hey, I spent $450 on this 27″ TV, I sent it back in and ordered a new TV.
I managed to find a coupon that got me $100 off the next TV purchase, so everything seemed fantastic. This was going to be my TV when it got here!
A few days later, the new TV arrived and I opened the box. Everything seemed fine. There wasn’t any crack on the top, so I thought, super, this is indeed my TV. Ah, but wait, once I pulled the TV out of the box, it appears like someone kicked in the side of it. D’Oh!
I now wish I had kept the last TV, since this one is in much worse shape and I don’t know what’s going on with Sony. It seems like they’re taking the returned merchandise and then shipping it back out as new. I don’t know and honestly, I don’t care. They only thing that Sony should care about is that they’ve lost me as a customer. I know have $900 in TV returns waiting that I hope I’ll get back from them.
Not a good website to buy from.