Beware the Rebecca Black Virus

If you have not found yourself amongst those who have heard “Friday” by Rebecca Black, count yourself lucky, or go watch it but don’t say that I didn’t warn you. It’s insipid, horrid pop that is all synthesizer and Auto-Tune, the scourge of modern music and the reason why it pretty much all sounds the same these days. A comment on the video sums it up best as “We don’t hate you because you’re famous. You’re famous because we hate you.”

Once you’re done with that filth, go watch a little Let’s go to the Mall (where many go to cleanse their hit of Black) and read up on how this nasty creation came about as this isn’t the first one of these. The producers, Ark Music Factory, in addition to being Satan’s children have been around for the last month or two, tossing budding, no-name pop stars at a wall until one sticks.

Naturally, as with any meme that runs around the net, it has already spawned a Downfall spoof that is pretty damned good. This is then usually followed by marketing flunkies country-wide sitting around a month or six later saying, “Okay, so just like that Rachel Blik video, we want to have this new jock itch cream ad go viral. And no, I have no idea how stupid I just sounded in saying that. Focus group anyone?”