Better living through chemicals

Frozen pizza is one of the best things ever made in a frozen variety. Of course, there is no way to replace the real thing, but in all true, the only two items I’ve ever discovered that have good taste when brought out of a frozen state are pizza and ice cream.
I’m very of the fact that my frozen pizza is laced with chemicals that will make my corpse look great for years after the life has left it, but man they taste good and I don’t eat it all the time, so it’s all right, right?
Anyways, the pizza doesn’t scare me, what really does is salad dressing. I had some Thousand Island dressing in my fridge, which a bit concerned if it had expired and was unuseable for my pizza, I checked for an expiration date. It very scarily didn’t have one. About the only thing I can think of that is naturally occurring that doesn’t have an expiration date, is water and even that gets kinda funky at some point. So, this would make me think that this salad dressing has no natural organic substance in it.
I worry that one day, Dow Chemical in conjuction with Kraft Foods – a subsidiary of Phillip Morris Tobacco will be selling us Food Paste – Tile Degreaser. While the marketing would be a monster, I can see it happening.
Is this a good thing? Well, in some ways sure, since it means that food can be produced in smaller areas that are Saharan Desert and what have you, but it also means that we’re gonna be suckin’ down chemicals day in day out. I don’t know about you, but MSG hurts me badly. I can only tremble at what they might be creating out there on the horizon.
I marvel at the fact of how we’ve come full circle on our views on foods in about 100 years.
100 years ago, there were no expiration dates. There wasn’t any plastic. People bought food and they made it that day. That progressed into the middle part of the last century where expiration dates got put on everything and everythign was packaged for future use. This of course has gotten out of hand to the present day where we’re putting expiration dates on beer for Christ’s sake! Beer! If you need an expiration date on your beer, then my friend, you shouldn’t be drinking it.
Now, wanting to sidestep nature altogether, we’re trying to rid ourselves by getting rid of expiration dates again, but not through common sense or natural goodness. Oh no, we’re doing it through chemistry.
mmm mmm mmm, them sulficadilaneates are just soooo tasty!