Berkeley Suceeds How Only Berkeley Can

For those who are unaware, I attended UC Berkeley and graduated with a fine, fine degree in English Literature that I now never use. I lived in Berkeley up on the North Side of Campus and liked being there a good deal at first. It was a welcome change from my small, ignorant hometown. Of course, after a few years, I got pretty burned out on the whole “Berkeley Thing”, which is to say that while people consider themselves extreme left and fighting for the good causes, they’re actually just as ignorant as people in my hometown. Berkeley is to Liberals and Socialists of the US what Oklahoma is to the Conservatives. It is a blight that doesn’t represent those of us from the left who actually think about the issues at hand. Needless to say, I moved out the day after I handed in my final paper and a month before I even got my diploma. I just couldn’t take it anymore.
Well, it appears that there is a gleaming beacon to Berkeley ignorance in the form of a statue they’ve set up alongside the major, major freeway of 80 North. The statue depicts the biggest protest elements that define Berkeley, which are:
Mario Savio: A guy who headed up the Free Speech Movement in order to impress his girlfriend that he later married and then divorced.
People’s Park: The university had the land ready to build student housing that (when I attended Berkeley) was vastly needed. Some nitwit actually died trying to defend this park, which even the Wikipedia article mentions is a haven for the homeless. Crime in the four block radius around the park is also the highest in Berkeley now. Why? Because all the hippies that fought for the park have since forgotten about it except to mention it as my mom does in stating what it symbolized.
Berkeley Tree Protesters I love this group more than the others. They decided to protest the university cutting down old growth oak trees to make way for a new athletic stadium. Now, I’m against this as much as anyone else, but at the smae time, it’s the university’s land and they can do what they want. It doesn’t warrant sitting up in a tree and literally throwing your shit at those who try to remove you. They stayed up there for over a year. Their intent was to force the university to make it in to a park. Huh, seems like we’ve heard that one before and they were only about a 15 minute walk from the other park that a previous generation decided needed to be created and forgot about. Thankfully, this time around the protesters lost.
So, to salute all of this, Berkeley decided that a sculpture that costs about $200,000 would be a good way to do it. I think to any sane person, this seems ludicrous. Readers on the Chronicle’s website felt that way and a couple of my favorite comments on the article I link to at the beginning are:
They should have commissioned a giant statue of ‘the Naked Guy’ smoking a joint while collecting unemployment.
It’s ironic how Berkeley and its ilk can go on about poverty, inequality and social injustice, then turn around and erect a big expensive monument to themselves. Seems a bit self-absorbed.
So, all I ask if you do as I do and flip off this testament to Berkeley’s arrogance each and every time you drive by. Oh, by the way, the statue itself is a piece of junk, made out of fiberglass, so if you have any more nefarious thoughts in what you can do towards it…
Berkeley Suceeds How Only Berkeley Can