Ben & Jerry’s Ain’t Got Nothing

Yes, the double negative was for an effect and I realize it negates what I mean, but you get the idea. But, all I want to say on the subject is that I recently picked up a 500ml (grrr, pint…) of “Pistachio Pistachio” by the venerable Ben & Jerry’s megaconglomerate hippy franchise and I have to say that it’s good. It’s really tasty. It’s very pistachio. It meets my pistachio ice cream needs… almost.
It would be perfect were it not for the fact I’ve had ice cream in Italy and Croatia. There they have what I guess is some form of gelato that’s sold everywhere and they have a pistachio flavor. This particular flavor is my all time favorite. It’s amazing and yes, I tried everything they had because it’s so cheap, but nothing came close to the pistachio. The Striachiatti or whatever it’s called was good, but pistachio washed the floor with it.
So, how is this pistachio compared to the B&J’s one? Well, let me put it this way, if you thought of it in terms of planets, B&J’s would be somewhere around Saturn or something and this one from overseas would be like the sun. You can’t even classify them in the same schemes. Italian/Croatian pistachio ice cream is the best damned thing on the face of the planet and there is no possible way to compare it to anything else without inventing a whole new branch of mathematics.