Because It’s Gooood

I can’t remember how I came to it, but I recently found What Would Tyler Durden Do? which I’ve become painfully addicted to. While the guy writing can definitely be a guy at times, he’s also generally funny and his celebrity commentary is pretty on point. Here’s a nice example about Paris Hilton:

“For the monkeys sake, this better get Paris the attention she craves, cause if not she won’t hesitate to make a necklace from its paws or walk around with a pony on fire.”

It’s rich. It’s good. Msot importantly, it’s updated several times a day. I have no idea what he must do for a day job since he just seems to be on his site all day long, but unlike most of us who blather, his is actually work reading everything about. It’s kinda like Daily Dish with a sense of humor and irony.
Wow, I just realized that this is article 400. How times flies over the two years I’ve been doing this.