Be Fresh or get out of Oroville

Don’t get me wrong, my hometown of Oroville is one classy little hamlet in the Sierra Nevada foothills. If the Montgomery Street Pub doesn’t make you want to put on your best dancing shoes, then nothing will.
The menu of this “pub” features such mouth watering, culinary treats like nachos and hot dogs. I know that’s what I think of when I’m wanting pub fare. Screw the whole thing that Liverpool Lil’s is trying to do. Roast beef and potatoes is for little prancing princess fairies. A pile of chips with velveeta over the top is solid accompaniment to the tipples that range from Budweiser to Bud Light to Coors to Coors Light with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale tossed in for that tasty lick of class. By the way, no matter how “ironic” it is to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, I’ve never actually seen anyone in Oroville drinking it, despite the fact that we’re as blue collar as it gets. Take that hipsters.
But, beyond drinks and food, it’s the code of conduct that makes this pub stand out. Some of the better items on the list include, “No yelling @ anyone in anger” and “No fighting / pushing @ all”. Also enjoyable are the constant warnings that there is a constantly wet floor in the pub and that shoes are always required because of this. Apparently, if the floor were dry, shoes would be on the table as negotiable for service in the pub. But, the number one item that really makes this a true Oroville establishment is “Personal Hygiene Enforced” and in case you don’t know what that means, they continue with “(No Foul Odor)”. This little list by itself can be all that you need to enjoy what it is that my hometown offers.
Be Fresh or get out of Oroville

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  1. If you haven’t seen anyone drink PBR in Oroville, then Go to the Keg Room On Oro Dam Hwy and you’ll see it on tap

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