Bay to Breakers 2006

So I did it. I finally dang dong diddly did it. The Bay to Breakers. No, I didn’t run it. That’s for people who plan ahead. What I did this year, was I got up at 7AM on a Sunday and watched the damned thing in person. I am thoroughly and truly happy that I did. You cannot really get the true feel of this race unless you are there in person. It’s nutty. It’s loud. It’s fun. And it’s definitely San Francisco.
I took my camera with me of course and so there are a many, many, photos. While there are only 42 in this set, I originally took 400. 400! Yeah, I know, out of control. But it just happens. Of course, over 100 of those were crap and I tossed them but I still had to choose from so many to get to a nice group for the site. The Chronicle has some photos as well, but of course mine are more plentiful and better.
Overall, it wasn’t a good day for the race. It was muggy and crappily humid. It had been raining until the morning of. We got a small break though and the sun sorta came out just long enough for the race to happen. Then about two hours after it officially ended, the rain dumped like crazy again. Really thoughtful overall.
But, I just gotta say, if you’re in SF when this happens, go. See the Elvi, the floats, the beer carts/barges, and the costumes. Oh yeah, check out the real runners as well, but they get through the thing in 45 minutes or less, so they’re not really that fun. I also don’t think they drink all that much, which is inversely true about the tail end of the race that is so drunk by the time they’re at the end, the think they’re back at the beginning. Magical really.
Oh yeah, since I was sitting at the top of the Hayes Street Hill (the only real hill in the race) if I ever hear, “You can do it!” again, I will throw a rock at the person, unless of course it’s a cousin in Slovenia, in which case it’s still funny.
Bay to Breakers 2006