Bay Bridge bypass in 3:46

For those who only know about the signature Golden Gate Bridge, I need to point out that here in the San Francisco Bay Area, our much bigger bridge is the Bay Bridge. Half of it is a nice suspension bridge. The other half (ie, the Oakland half) is an ugly “cantilever span” that had a chunk collapse in the big 1989 earthquake. That being the case, and the fact they knew 30 years previously it wasn’t seismically sound, they’re working quite hard on replacing it.
In the process of getting the new bridge built, they had to do this switch-a-roo on the traffic going to Treasure Island in what was billed at the “triple bypass”. The weekend before last, they completed this work, shifting a 91m double decker chunk of road in to divert traffic to the bypass. While it takes away from the four day enormity of this event, some clever fellow went and made a time lapse video from the surveillance camera that Caltran had focused on the work. Watch it below and see them toss around these many thousand ton chunks of road like Legos. Also watch a touch of fog roll in and out at various points.