Bay Area Geographic Snobbery

No, I’m not going to write about how the San Francisco North Bay where the Notorious M.A.R.I.N. is. They already get enough bad press and while I agree with it, I don’t need to add anymore.
I’m also not talking about Nob Hill, the Marina, or Pacific Heights in San Francisco. We all know the snobbery that is in these spots and it requires no more going in to, other than to say there are some damn nice buildings up there and I ain’t gonna get one any time soon.
My focus is on the South Bay. Oh yes, of course, that’s where Los Altos, Santa Clara, and a bunch of other snooty places are. No news there. Ah, but there is. While this is the heart of Silicon Valley, it wasn’t really ever the heart of the web. That was and seems to continue to be San Francisco proper. So, what brought about this monkey barrel of thoughts? This Cringley Article is what did it. While I enjoy what he writes in general, he hits upon the fact that there is an unlying perceived arrogance to Google. Not a shock given how much they’ve grown in recent years and how much they’re worth. But it got me thinking, what other snooty tech company is down in this neck of the woods? Apple of course.
Being that I know people who work at Google who swear by Apple and people who work at Apple that swear by Google, it seems that there is a little more than just a couple points in common with these two behemoths.
What’s the connection? Why are these two and, if you want to extend it a bit, Oracle all so close to one another and why do these have this “don’t play well with others” aura about them these days? I don’t know, but it is weird how of all the people I know that work for these groups, they all life in SF and drag themselves down to the South Bay for work.
To be honest, I have no idea where I was going to go with this, since it seems all large companies get arrogant and ridiculous as time goes on. Just look at Microsoft and Amazon up in Seattle. Any connection other than geography? Nah, not one that I can see. Big companies tend to be near big populations.
It’s just a shame that (with the exception of Microsoft) all of these companies started up as alternatives to companies or ways of doing things that were stale and now they themselves have become said companies. Actually, most all of them are reactionary alternatives to Microsoft. That’s kinda weird when you think about it. No? Not so much? Fine. Enjoy some celery.