Bare Naked Lights

It appears there is a fashion I have suddenly missed out. It’s the latest and greatest in home decor tricks and it revolves around not putting a shade on your lights. Like it is some kind of Zeitgeist funk thing to allow for complete and unadulterated access to the light in your home.
I’ve only noticed this because two recent move-ins to the building across the street, who either can’t afford proper floor lamps or just prefer this manner of illumination, are blasting away all shades of the night in their studios this way. I don’t see how it can be pleasant to be in the pressence of that, as it provides so much light for me that I can pretty much leave my main room lights off at night.
This one girl in the middle apartment has gone a bit ballistic on the whole thing though and she has what looks like about 500 watts of daylight glory flooding her studio. From the angle she’s perched it at, it comes through my blinds and shines right on my face when I lay in bed. Thankfully she’s taken to putting her blinds down as well, which lessens the impact of the beam. If she hadn’t, I would have been tempted to go out and get a small 2000 watt spot light and shine it back her way to get the point across.