Barack Obama is Totally Alcoholic

Barack Obama has a secret he isn’t telling America. Covertly, he is selling Pálinka in Hungary under his own name. I can understand why he wouldn’t want this to get out. Pálinka (also known as Rakija in the Balkans) is heavy duty stuff. It’s got quite a nasty kick and I won’t touch it because I like to wake up after a night of boozin’ and know a) where I’m sleeping and b) where my pants are. None of this seems to matter to Barack as is he is recklessly selling this high-spirit alcohol across Hungary with complete disregard to the health of the population.
So, at this point, I back up and laugh. Of course Obama isn’t doing this. He just happens to have the unfortunate coincidence of having a first name that is spelled the same as how the Hungarians spell ‘apricot’. Yes, Pálinka Barack is indeed common and you can find it in any store as you can see below. But, it naturally have no affiliation with the Obamster. In truth, it isn’t even said the same way, sounding like ‘baratsk’ when the Hungarians say it.
The joke is not lost on the Hungarians though and all the ones that I’ve met during my stay in the country laugh about it. I’m sure that if he ever came to Hungary, he’d get some gilded bottle of the stuff in good fun, although apparently, Hilary could handle it best.
In a related note, in Kenya (from where Barack’s father was born) there is actually a beer called ‘Senator Keg Beer’ that everyone has just started to call ‘Obama’. The man simply can’t escape the booze. Someone send him a pizza, stat!
Barack Obama is Totally Alcoholic

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    1. ‘Baratsk’ is a very popular after-dinner drink in Austria and Hungary. It’s not used for heavy-duty binge drinking – it would probably kll you! – but to help digestion after a rich, heavy meal like goulash and dumplings.

      It has a marvellous, fruity flavour without being overly sweet – in fact it’s quite dry.

      Definitely recommended. Yummy.

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