Bambus i Disl

I’m all for mixing. I mean, who wants to do straight Vodka or Tequila shots? Crazy drunk people, that’s who. As I am not a crazy drunk person (typically), I like those things watered down, mixed in to a form that I can drink leisurely. Some may call this being a wuss. I am one of these that call it being a wuss, but at the same time, I am secure in my wussness, since I usually don’t drink hard liquor, with the exception of a good Vodka/Red Bull that always gets the party started.
I really do like beer and wine as a drink of choice. I like ’em straight. I like to enjoy ’em and their flavor. It seems that while folks in Croatia and Slovenia also like ’em straight, they also like to take it up a notch and mix them a bit.
While I already knew about gemišt, which we have in the US, but call a spritzer (thanks for the name, Castro…) a new wine mix I learned about in both Slovenia and Croatia is the “bambus”. This is a mix, in varying proportions of red wine and cola. Yeah, I know, kinda strange for those who haven’t had it before it. It’s about as arbitrary as anything else we mix with wine though. It initially sounds disgusting, but actually it’s not terrible. I tried it when I was there out of curiousity and while I didn’t hate it, I really happen to like red wine, so it defeats the purpose of drinking wine for me, since you don’t taste the wine anymore. For those who don’t want to taste the wine, hey, this is your thing!
Then there is “disl” (pronounced just like “diesel”) where you take your average lager say… Laško, and then you mix cola with that. The mere thought of this was so completely revolting to me initially, that I completely chickened out on trying it for some time. I finally did try it and as with bambus, it’s not revolting. It’s definitely a different flavor and might be something I’d be used to if I were drinking it all the time like those crazy Slovene kids. But, as it is, I like beer and the flavor of beer, so I’ll take it straight.
So, there you have it. A little cultural hip hop for your dull American ass when you visit the Adriatic countries. Refer to my čevapi article to see something else you should try. Mmmmm, čevapi and a nice beer. I’m buggin’ out just thinkin’ about it.