Back on the Indie Film Shoot

My friends, Hus Miller and Paul Kramer are making a movie together again. This is naturally an independent project which means that it is all coming out of their pockets and by its very definition and existence, is very ambitious. Such is the way of film made without a big studio. I’ve done it myself with mixed and definitely no commercial success at it, which is why I’m a web makin’ man these days.
This last weekend was the start of shooting mymuddledme which is a film that Paul wrote as a feature that they’re now shooting in a longer short format of around 20-30 minutes or so. The shoot is for nine days up in the Sonoma Valley region. For those who don’t know, nine days is a long shoot for a short, independent film. By contrast, everything that Paul and I have done in the past is usually around 10-25 minutes in length and has been shot over one weekend or at most three. This makes for a few intense days, but when you’re not really able to pay anyone, these are the breaks in scheduling. So, I have not envied Hus’s role as producer (as well as lead actor) in pulling all of this together.
As for my role in all of this, I’m just kind of along for the ride. I’ll pick up sandbags, c-stands, or a sandwich when the time calls for it, but more often than not, I’m taking production stills. This means that during that shoot, when I’m not eating a sandwich, I’m walking around, getting in everyone’s way with the insistence that we must have a shot of this or that. It’s a massive pain the ass for everyone while I’m doing it as I admit that it seems really unnecessary, but ever since I started doing this with my own shoots, like <a href="/photos/gallery/flamenco_singer/"Flamenco_Singer, I’ve found that stills are incredibly crucial when all is said and done. You need them for publicity which these days includes having a good website for your independent project.
As for the shoot, I was only at it for the first two days. I had to come back to San Francisco from Camp Muddle for the aforementioned web makin’. The shoot was running pretty much on track with just a few overages here and there that are quite normal in these things. The rest of the gang is still up there and shooting for the next few days and I’m most likely going to be joining them next weekend to continue on. In the meantime, it’s off to think about how in the hell to approach building the website for this film as film websites are not like restaurant websites. Each one needs to be different and function in a specific way to lure in potentially interested whether they be viewers or investors.
Back on the Indie Film Shoot

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