Back and Safe in Spain?

After two and a half weeks in DR Congo, I am back in The Europe and more specifically, Spain. But Congo is not to be forgotten so quickly. Any visit to a tropical region with malaria requires keeping an eye on your health for about a week after you return, since it takes that long for symptoms to manifest. While the treatment is fast and easy if malaria manifests itself, the chances of dying of the disease are actually greater in First World countries because doctors rarely know the symptoms properly and misdiagnose it all the time. There was a girl from Europe on Hospitality Club who was supposedly an experienced traveler that died of malaria, so the threat is there.
But, knock on wood, it’s been a week since our return and I appear to be in the clear, so that’s good. Sadly there is another threat out there, looming in the very near future. I was reminded of this threat when I heard Tina Turner’s “What’s Love got to do with it?“, which despite the fact I admire the hell out of Tina Turner, is a song that I absolutely hate and grinds on me like the worst of reggae. It was then that I realized that the finals for, Eurovision 2008 are this Saturday.
For those unfamiliar with Eurovision, it is basically a salute to all that is unholy and shitacular in the world of music. Have a listen at the participants page if you don’t believe me. Serbia won last year and so the event is in Belgrade this year and it’s about as bad as it’s ever been. While voted out already, the Irish have a singing turkey as their entry. This is bad, but I still say that my money for the worst entry is in Rodolfo Chikilicuatre for Spain. Go have a listen, you’ll be sorry you did.
While Western European countries take the contest less and less seriously each year, Eastern European countries have really gotten in to it and still try to make, “quality” songs. Spain just sort of said “the hell with it” this year and had their selection process be based on MySpace submissions. Naturally, a big fat turd of a song rose to the top because of this.
Someday this is going to catch on in the US and be popular because it’s “ironic”. I think that a great drinking game should be based around it wherein you do a shot each time “love” is sang in a song. You’d be drunk (and/or dead) within 30 minutes.
Back and Safe in Spain?