Baby Dachshund Puppies

I have never liked the Dachshund *. I always thought that they were looking at me funny, trying to figure out some way to break free of their owner and bite me. You know the glance those little wiener dogs give you with their big, buggy eyes. It’s that sideways, “Hah, I see you. I will bite you when I can. Be thankful that my brethren and I are on leashes, or you… you my friend would be a dead man.” Naturally, I think my fear stems from one of these elongated canines giving me a nasty bite on my finger that I still have a scar from to this day. But, as time has worn on, I’ve grown to like the silly animals a bit more. Partly in fact that the girlfriend’s father is completely in love with the breed and partly from the fact that I’ve finally realized that I’m 127 times larger than those growling kielbasas.

There is one thing that I found which is amazingly cute though and that is a Dachshund puppy. They are the funniest little things, because they’re so small and funny looking as they hop around and try to get used to their ungainly length; looking back to figure out why their tail keeps running in to them. This one guy in my neighborhood has one, which I see him walking on a regular basis. Definitely gives you an, “Ah…” moment when you look at the little scrapper. Makes me want to get one if I ever have a living situation that would work for a dog.

Approximately three years after writing this, I love the little buggers