b. < 1940 + Mobile

Odd thing I’ve noticed when my grandmother and others of her pre-1940 generation answer a cellphone in that, they hold it kinda strange. Not so much that you’d notice unless you start seeing a ot of people in this age around with cellphones and yes, that’s starting to happen more and more. They all use them fine, it’s just this way of holding it that’s a big into the strangeness.
Let me describe it as best I can by describing how those in my age group hold a mobile. We use only a few fingers typically, holding the phone gingerly with a light touch that befits a fine piece of modern technology. People in the older generations hold them quite the opposite, imagining them to be some form of the old black telephone (which was the most amazing telephone design of all time by the way) and they sem to imbue an idea that there is some kind of ruggedness in this new phone. Naturally, for those of us who have dropped/drowned/slightly burned/molested/sneezed on/Starbuckified or otherwise injured their mobiles in the past, you realize what a weak-assed thing they actually are. It makes wish for something that weighs three times what they do and was welded together, but I think I’m in a pretty small demographic on that.