Playground PowerThe main reason for Maker Faire Africa to be now was in order to coincide with the IDDS presentation of works. One of the groups that were from this were Playground Power who worked to create a merry-go-round that powers a generator. This prototype is much more of a proof of concept device than a functional model. At $535 USD for the initial prototype and a desire by the group to bring it down to $360, it’s definitely a large investment for any people in the potential market: those without a reliable source of electricity.
It appears that most all of their cost is derived from $100 for the car alternator and then the rest in fabrication. They do use a number of “found” parts such as an old tire rim though.
Once cranked up, they can actually pull 80W of power out of the the device, but that takes a good number of people powering it. I have no idea as to the sustainability of the device, but it is interesting and we are seeing more of these ideas coming about which take rather everyday items and give them a dual purpose.
Makers: Playground Power