Austrian Rail is Kick Ass

From the “boo” to the “yah”, all I gotta say is that OBB, you are a damn fine system indeed. It is not just the fact that the trains glide so smoothly. It is not just the fact that it is effortless going from city train to international train. It is not just the fact that the conductors are very helpful AND they roll with the English on the train platforms. It is the fact that the trains are so on time, it will make me cry, when I get back to the US and have to ride the Bart, Muni, or just about anything else we have to offer.
I do not know how they do it here really. Maybe they just give a damn and realize that is you make the rails good, the people will come. And at this point, I have not even experienced all the goodnes that is there with the Vienna systems. I have just been in Graz and it was pretty super. Of course, onward and downward I head in to the Croatian train system, which has seemed to pick up many unfortunate qualities from the Italian rail system. I will hope and pray for a better experience this time around, but from Rijeka to Zagreb, I learned my lesson and it will be all bus, all the way.