Here and There

Grasscutter vs. Agouti
Yeah, let’s do it. I want to see a showdown between these two rodent delicacies. I haven’t tried either one yet, but I hear they’re both quite good. Unfortunately I find them to also be quite cute, so if someone presents one to me someday, please present it in meat form, not in “fresh” form. But I want to hear from those who have tried both. Which is better and why? Or does it really just depend on the sauce as it seems to often be the case in West African foods?
The end of telecenters in Senegal
While earlier I wrote an article about the decline of internet cafes in Senegal, the PDF report in this new link talks the initial inception of telephone landlines in the country, the increase of them, and now the decrease as mobile phones have taken off. Sorry, it’s only in French.
Ivorian blogger, Manasse’s blog. Yes, sorry, only in French again, but it’s quite easy to use Google Translate to read what he’s writing and he’s a solid blogger, so it’s worth your time.
Attention shift to local content
I always enjoy Rebecca’s articles and this one is even more interesting to me as whenever I meet African web developers, I always put out the question of: Why not develop African content for Africa hosted in Africa? It’s typically a very reserved response that I get, but now that Kenya actually has a fund aimed at stimulating local web content growth, it will be interesting to see what becomes of this. Probably a good test case for if it can take off or not.