ATMs Really Aren’t That Difficult

Being that it’s the holiday season, I’ve been making more abundant use of the ATMs around town and am still shocked by the abject stupidity some people have when it comes to these things. They’ll just stand there, dumbfounded, like the wrong decision on the keypad will open up a hole underneath them, taking them to certain doom. On some level, I would welcome this, but on another, I just wish people stopped making out like these machines are that hard to use.
ATMs have been around about what… nearly 30 years or something? A whole generation has been born since we’ve had them and yet these button monkeys who can’t get their $40 out in less than ten minutes still are among us. A lot of folks seem to fight the machine instead of doing what you really need to do, in that, you have to accept it as the boss. It’s going to ask you a few questions. You answer them with the only choices possible and you move on. Pretty simple. Stop over-thinking it!

Since the year will shift before my next writing, have a good 2007 everyone!